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Interview with Author Sweta Samota

Today, The Book Club is in conversation with the author Ms. Sweta Samota who writes novels in the romance, mystery and thriller genre. Kiss of True Love was her debut novella. Her short story "Radha in a Jinx" was among the top three most popular stories on Amazon Words Worthy.
In the interview, Ms. Samota shares some interesting tidbits about herself and her new book ‘Nine’. ‘Nine’ is a fast-paced nail-biting story of a compulsive decoder Ila Sharma who is chased by the evil and the good to uncover a thousand years old powerful Indian mystery that can alter the world. 

Q. Where did you get the idea for this book?
Sweta- I cannot recall how I got the idea for this book but when I started writing it, my goal was clear - I wanted to give something exciting, thrilling and entertaining yet wanted the reader to take home facts of Indian politics and monuments. Much like a Blockbuster movie. Dan Brown's books inspired but me being a techie and having dabbled with numbers for more than ten years, I knew how I was going to use that in the plot.
This book 'Nine' required a lot of research as it shows the current political scenario as well as rich history of India. When I was scouring for information, some of that info startled me. And I knew what I wanted to show to the readers. 

Q. Tell us about your main character/characters.
Sweta- Ila Sharma is the beauty with brains kinds, a compulsive decoder - a rebel - one who wants to go out there against all odds and chase her dreams. Problem is when her niche, her gifted skill of solving puzzles becomes crime-like (just like her father's) and she finds herself in the dangerous chase to uncover a thousand years old powerful secret.

Q. What, in your opinion, are the most important elements of good writing?
Sweta- Good writing is about being able to grab the reader's attention and inspire reader to read more and more. It is not just about words or sentences. It is about using those to the right amount to deliver a masterpiece. It is about the idea - the message that is conveyed through the writing and the way it is conveyed that makes it beautiful.

Q. Which is your favorite book and why?
Sweta -There are some books that inspire and motivate me - that I keep going to like a loyal friend. Whenever I am lost or looking for answers, I go to these books. 'Autobiography of a Yogi' by Paramhansa Yogananda is one of those books.

Q. What are you writing next?
Sweta -Three books are in the pipeline. One of them is on real-life experiences of women in India - a book that sends a chill down the spine - stories of shocking experiences Indian women are going through. Cannot reveal much about the stories right now. All I can say is readers will love them.

We hope you enjoyed reading the interview as much as we enjoyed talking to Ms. Samota. Please do take some time to check out her latest book, ‘Nine’ which has all the elements of a thrilling read. 

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