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Welcome to The Book Club Book Promotions.

We were one of the first blog tour hosts to start blog tours in India. Before us, there were some prestigious bodies who only did multiple reviews for an author. But we understood the importance of introducing Book Blitz in our blogging community. This proved to be one of the quickest ways to reach the heart of the readers by inundating information about a book in the social media.

One of our biggest success stories has been Sundari Venkatraman. With 40+ books of hers, she reached that point of success which till then no Indie author had seen.

I, Rubina Ramesh, am an Indie author and a book blogger. All my books are on the bestselling list. (Currently, they are down due to my work permit issue in the USA). In my span of being an author and a marketer, I have learned one thing - every author needs to be trained in becoming an "authorpreneur:. It does not matter if you are an indie author or a traditionally published - social marketing is not something you can brush under the carpet.

I started The Book Club with many co-authors and co-bloggers. Many stayed with me on my journey and many remained friends but backed off from being a book blogger.


Book Blogging is a selfless act with zero monetary returns and a lot of negative feedback from authors. That can't be helped. Being on both the sides of the fence, I can understand the way authors crave for reviews to make Amazon promote them. You need at least 25 reviews for Amazon to start promoting you. And this is where our TBC comes in.

I am the founder of TBC and in my journey to help authors, I have had a lot of mental clashes of whether to charge them or not. After a lot of deliberation with my fellow authors and bloggers, I have decided to make this a highly professional group where authors will get every area of marketing done on social media. If there is something we can't do, we will get people who can do it for you.

The new things on TBC: 2018

1. If you want us to guide you in your writing journey - we will guide you from scratch.

2. We will help you to put your book on Amazon.

3. As an indie author if you want your book to be in the paperback format selling via Amazon - we are the right people to get in touch with.

5. If you want your book to be in a few bookshops (Selected) that can be arranged too.

Do check our service section to find out all the details.

You can reach me at for launching your eBook on Amazon consultancy. I blog at

Our second point of contact is Inderpreet Kaur Uppal, Owner of Eloquent Articulation Editing Services. You can know more about her here . For editorial inquiries, you can knock at her blog.

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