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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to our marketing section of The Book Club. We are always thinking of innovative ways to promote you. Here are the few things we can do for you :

  1. Blog Tour:  For multiple reviews and spotlights, this is the right package. Click here for details.
  2. Book Blitz: For spotlights on multiple blogs, this is a very good deal to share and publicise the details of your book. To know more click here. 
  3. Cover Reveals: We will blast off your new cover on social media. There are certain conditions for that and you can check up the rules here.
  4. Only Book Reviews:   a)We can get you on the spot 10 reviews (nos. can be adjusted) with social media promotions. Out of the 10 reviews, one will be for TBC blog. For details click here.  b) One review for TBC blog which will be promoted extensively for one week. For details click here.
  5. Giveaways: We can arrange for a giveaway on one of our collaborated Blog Tour Host in the USA and one in India. We can also arrange for a Giveaway on For details click here. 
  6. Our Mentoring Program: Often authors come to the TBC Core Team with many doubts. We are always there to help you out on how to launch your book on Amazon. This is a free service and we can connect you with the right kind of cover designers and editors. 
  7. Formatting Books and Uploading on Kindle: When you are flabbergasted as to how to do it, we are here for you. Click here for details. 
  8. Beta Reading Program: We have ace beta readers in our group. If you want your book to be read in 3 days and feedback given you can check out the details here. 
  9. Cover Making: I can't stress hard enough how important it's to get a decent cover made. It need not be expensive. Contact us for this information. We don't make the covers but we have the right people who do it. Some of them very cheap and highly professional and some highly professional and most sought after. You can choose. 
  10. Paperback: If you want to convert your book into Paperback (Indie Authors) and sell via Amazon, we can arrange that. We can also arrange for your book to reach a few bookstores in India and much more. Click here for details. 
  11. Editorial Services: Without editing, a book reads shoddy and many times you lose an audience due to poor editing. Ping us if you are looking for an editor. 
  12. Help in Ranking of a Book: This we can only guarantee if you take a blog tour with us. If not the orange bestselling tag, we will certainly make your book reach the Top Bestselling List. And no - we don't do buybacks. We don't do anything illegal. We work after researching the market and targeting the audience. 
  13. Social Media Help:  We can take care of your Facebook Page, Twitter Page and Instagram. Increase your followers by 2k minimum per blog tour. 
  14. Writer's Toolkit: To know and learn about the basics and in-depth details on all aspects of Indie-publishing, you can read our Toolkit series on Amazon. Free for KU readers.

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