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What is a Blog Tour?

When we approach Bloggers to host your book on their blog at a particular period of time. We have a mix of reviews and spotlights on this.

Our packages: 
  • One Week Package
  • Two Weeks Package
  • Three Weeks Package
  • Four Weeks Package
Things We do during the Blog Tours:

1. Custom Banner made by TBC.
2. Promotional images made by TBC
3. 7 days ad on our website and the website of 2 bloggers who have good followers of followers
4. Rs. 500 FB or Twitter ad - choice of the Author.
5. Promotion on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google and Instagram. (No. of days depends on the package). We encourage the bloggers to retweet with us and for that, we encourage authors to host a Giveaway during the tour. 
6. Media Kit to be sent out to the Bloggers: We send all the details fo the book, images to the bloggers on the author's behalf. 
7. If the author has any special need or desire during a blog tour - we try to accommodate that. 
8. We help authors and bloggers to co-ordinate if any issue arises. 
9. We can arrange for Giveaway and declare the winner etc on the Author's behalf. (NOTE: Giveaway Prizes are given my the Author)

What is expected from the Author during a Blog Tour:

1. Book Cover
2. Fill the Blog tour Form with the correct information. 
3. Media information if any. 
4. Giveaway Prize 
5. Amazon gift card/ ARC copies/ Paperback for the reviewers. 

What are the different kinds of Posts in a Blog tour: 

1. Spotlight: They look like this. Under every spotlight, you will see a link where all the bloggers attach their links to their post. 

2. Reviews: This depends on how many bloggers sign up for the tour. We try our best to give you bloggers who are very professional but sometimes we have hits and misses. 

3. Guest Post: One question sent by us to the author and the author has to write around 300 to 500 words on that topic. Anything less than that is not accepted. 

4. One Interview for the TBC blog. We will give you enough time to answer the questions but the bloggers need the answers one week prior to their post. 

5. Giveaway: Is a huge motivation for the bloggers to tweet about your book on social media. Authors should really use this to attract more bloggers. 

To book a Blog Tour with The Book Club, fill up the form here and we will contact you ASAP. 
(Note: We need 2 months notice to book a blog tour.  We will start working as soon as you fill up the form but the blog tour will only start 2 months later. It takes that much time for bloggers to read the book etc.)

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